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All I wanted from being a doctor is finding an abnormality which would give me fame. I wanted to help people, but there were many other jobs for that; only being a doctor would allow me to find the one case that is so unique that it would create the recognition I desire.

To give you a little bit of a spoiler: I did find the case I was hoping for, but it didn't come to me as a patient. No, it came to me in the form of a person wanting company, and I just happened to find the case in her.

Then again it's not the result that's important but the journey. Oh, and also I wasn't a doctor because I was still in medical school. Well at least you've got the picture now.


It started one night when I was in a bar near my house. My friends and I were out for a couple of drinks when all of a sudden a woman around my age starts hitting on me.

She didn't look like much; quite short, fairly flat, and a considerably straight figure. Some wavy brown hair and light brown eyes didn't add much, but it was more what she said that got me.

She started off by saying "You look like someone that would like someone flexible", which was a turn-off. It was immediate that I knew she wasn't used to the sort of language that accompanies pick-up lines, but I let her continue.

She quickly managed to stop saying the strange pick-up lines and actually started to talk more about herself. She told me that she had recently left a circus, in which she starred as a contortionist and enterologist (An "Enterologist", as she told me, was someone who specialised in the entry of small spaces). Soon I became interested in her, particularly for her aforementioned skills, and took her home at closing time.

I didn't live in a large house, nor did I even live in one. I rented a small two-room flat for myself for a measly $50 a week, one room a combination lounge-bedroom-kitchen and the other a bathroom. It was somewhere where I could relax and catch up on my work in solitude, plus it was extremely cheap and close to the centre of town. Although it is more of a "Cosy" apartment, I think of it as my house, and one which I felt free in.

We had a good talk on the way to my flat; she told me that her name was Sally and she liked me for the fact that I wasn't too outgoing. She thought I kept to myself, and it was a bit of a turn-on for her. She also mentioned that she liked my straight figure and clean look as it contrasted with the people she would normally meet in the circus.

Sally seemed surprised at first about how small my flat was, but she quickly adjusted. I think it was a combination of the facts that she used to live in a caravan and she was used to small spaces, both during her long stay at the circus. In fact, she kind of felt at home, or so she said as she sat on a beanbag that I recently threw haphazardly into a corner.

"So, do you want me to show you what you were interested in?" She asked me, "Or do you just want to get to it?"

"I'd like to see some of your flexibility," I said. "Please don't use that language," I added as a precaution, "It makes you sound like a prostitute."

"Yeah, I'd better not," She said, making a mental note, "Well; I'd better show you my talents then."

I stepped back and sat on my neatly-made single bed as Sally cleared a space in the middle of the open – but rather messy – floor with her feet. In the mess were a couple of notes from a recent lecture that I was looking up for a reference before I left, and a couple of energy bars. She cleared out about her body height around her; which was saying a lot because even though she was small my unused floor space was smaller.

Now, with some space empty, she was ready to show me her flexibility. The first thing she did was that she sat on the floor and put her legs behind her head. It was not much – I've seen plenty of people do that – but what really got me was when she lowered her legs down below her shoulders to sit with her ankles at her hips. This she did with a straight back, which not only amazed me but made me slightly more curious and interested in her.

Of course, even like this she wasn't done yet. Using her arms as temporarily replacements for her legs, she walked herself over to and onto a nearby chair, lifting herself up with a series of spectacularly amazing acrobatic manoeuvres. Now, with herself at my eye level, she reached behind herself to press on her knees. This pressing motion mind-bogglingly caused her to shrink to about one eighth of her original size (This was made with the educated estimate of half of each length of a cube resulting in one eighth of its volume, not that she was one eighth of any of the sides).

With a voice as loud as it was before, despite the decrease in size of her lungs, diaphragm and voice box, she asked me to pick her up and carry her. Respectfully obliging to her request, and the fact that I wanted to so I could examine her more closely, I lifted her off the chair and placed her on my lap while I sat on the chair.

It was remarkable how small she was, not to mention how light. Even though she was technically still the same density, I couldn't help but notice that she was metaphorically (and close to literally) as light as a feather; I could lift her up with one finger with ease if I wanted to. I didn't, but I did roll her around a bit in my hands to check that it was actually her. Other than the fact that the clothes were now very loose on her, there was nothing on her to suggest that she didn't actually shrink.

Finished with my examination of her, I pried her tiny hands off her knees, which caused her to immediately spring back to her original size. With this sudden increase, I let go of her, causing her to roll onto the ground head-first. Fortunately she was unhurt; in fact she was laughing from the experience. I added in my laugh as well, with a mix of joy and suprise.

Once the laughter subsided, Sally suggested that we play a small game of "Hide-and-Seek" to pass the time. I immediately accepted, but I had a small doubt that Sally would stay as it was certain that I had found out what she possibly had kept a secret.

I closed my eyes.


I could hear a little bit of movement around me, but not much.


I heard the squeak of wood and felt a slight breeze of air flow across my face.


There were quiet groans coming by the window.


There was nothing.

I opened my eyes, my counting finished. The room was empty, with a couple of things moved around as I expected would happen. One exception came to my eyes: the window that I was hearing the noises from was open, bringing a fresh breeze to the room. Thinking she was still here, I searched the room.

For about half an hour I searched the room, exploring every nook and cranny. I couldn't find her; in fact I couldn't find any signs of her at all. It was like she just moved some stuff about and disappeared. Giving up and thinking she had left me, I laid myself down onto my bed, thumping my head onto one of my pillows.


It was unmistakeable. I heard Sally's voice in the pillow, one which I had no cover for. This meant that she had actually managed to get inside the pillow, which was not hard considering it had a zip on one side for restuffing. Well, not hard for her as she could shrink to one eighth of her size.

I opened the zip and there, inside with all the stuffing, was a shrunken foot and the near-laughing face of Sally. It seemed that she had managed to fit herself inside the already-overstuffed pillow without me noticing. This not only came to my surprise, but also to my excitement and relief.

She quickly flung herself out of the pillow and into my face, smothering me in a cloud of cotton stuffing and cotton clothes. I flew back and hit the bed, causing me to again make her fly onto the ground unharmed.

Stifling her laughs, she suggested that I find an object for her to try and fit inside. I asked if there was a restriction, but she just replied with a no and the fact that she wanted a challenging object to fit into. Thanks to this statement I came to an interesting idea.

As Sally was taking off her clothes, which she said was to prevent her from having any stretching and compacting resistance; I rummaged through the bedside drawer. It was there I found the perfect object, and one that if successful would allow me to add my own little twist to the end: one of my many unused condoms that I kept after unsuccessful nights with someone else.

To make it fair for Sally, I chose one that was labelled "Non-slip". This was because although it would be easier and better for her on the inside, on the outside it would cause quite a bit more bad than good. It was also one of my older ones, which meant that it was more susceptible to small breaks and tears, meaning she had a good chance of getting air holes.

"Oh, and don't worry about airholes," Sally said, now completely naked and resting on the beanbag, "I don't really need to take breathes except to talk, which even then only needs a minute amount of air."

I took a second to picture that image, because although I didn't think much of her appearance-wise, it was still the closest I have gotten to having a "Good night" with a woman in a very long time.

Turning to Sally, an unrolled condom in one hand and my other making a clenched fist, I calmly handed her the condom. With a pleasantly surprised look on her face she gently took the condom and went under the sheets of my bed.

"Just so I have some privacy while I get into your condom," She said to me just before she stuck her head under the sheets and started to wriggle about.

I waited for a whole two minutes; three quarters of the time spent watching her make shaking and wriggling motions under the covers and the last quarter waiting intently for her response in amongst a couple of very small quivers. In this time she had shrunken to an unseeable size, possibly tucked within one of the folds on the sheets covering her.

Once I had waited for the two minutes I was curious about how she was going, so I headed over to my bed and took off the covers. There, squished within the very transparent rubber of the condom, was the pinkish-orange of Sally's compressed body. I say compressed, and I do from now on, as it is really only though force that she can shrink to such sizes.

"What do you think?" Sally asked, still in a normal volume and normally-pitched voice.

"Wow..." I responded, near speechless. I thought she would only just fit, or not even fit at all, but here she was in a condom with room to spend at the end.

"Pick me up and have a look," She suggested, and I happily did so.

She was still as light as when I picked her up last, even though she was now about ten times smaller than that. She was also quite loose within there, as I could easily press my fingers into her body and only get a giggle as a response. I was not only able, but quite aware that I was capable, to do what I had planned. In a quick motion with my hands, I tied the remainder of the condom in a knot, trapping her inside.

I know it wasn't the right thing to do, but it was something that came into my mind at the time. It was either the fact that I was having fun, I wanted to finally be with a woman, or that I was still a bit drunk; but I thought in my mind that it was a good idea.


I woke up the following morning, groaning heavily. The alcohol I had consumed the previous night was getting to me. I should mention that I get a strong after-effect from even a small amount of alcohol, even though I don't get drunk easily. Pretty much, I had a small hangover even though I didn't get too drunk.

This hangover clouded my judgement, for I started to go through my normal routine of getting ready for medical school. I had almost entirely forgotten that I was with Sally the previous night. In fact, it was only once I had started the shower and getting undressed to wash myself that I remembered about Sally and the fact that I had left her in an old unused condom on my pillow.

"Oh shi-" I started as I bolted into the bedroom and tripped onto the bed. I slammed into it with enough force to cause not only the pillows but also the top sheet to jump into the air. Scrambling onto the bed, I searched for Sally everywhere.

Getting desperate, I staggered across the messy room, almost tripping over a couple of books and waste. However, as I searched, I did not find any sign of Sally or the condom. It was just as I was giving up, when I had a thought: I must have swallowed her.

I mean, it was possible; a condom is about the right size to be swallowed whole, and I've heard multiple times by my professor about how people have almost been choked by a "Johnson". I feared that Sally was digesting in my stomach, especially since I was feeling slightly bloated and queasy.

I raced back into the bathroom and checked the mirror, looking around my mouth for any signs of her. I had completely forgotten, during the time I was looking for her, that the shower was running. It was slowly coming into my mind, as the very faint gurgling from the drain reminded me of an empty stomach, and the individual droplets of water hitting the bath bottom were nails of anxiousness being driven into my head. I turned around to turn it off, my hands to my head in mental agony, when I saw her.

Sally was in the shower, looking at me with a displeased look on her face and the condom – now with the knot undone – dangling off her index finger. She was completely naked – just like how she was when she got into the condom the previous night. I was relieved that I hadn't swallowed her, but guilty that I had trapped her in the condom. I nearly fainted, but managed to hold my ground.

"I know you trapped me in the condom on purpose," She said to me, dropping the condom onto the bath bottom so that it slowly flowed into the drain, "Why?"

"It was a 'Spur of the moment thing', okay?" I said, very guilty of my actions, "I thought, in a clouded judgement, that it would be a fun thing to do with you, and it would keep you with me for the night."

"You could have just asked," She said compassionately, "I would have allowed you to do that." She draped one her arms over my shoulders and leaned her body against me. "Anyway, the only reason why I hit on you in the first place was to get someplace to stay for the night."

"You could have just asked about staying at my place in the bar," I told her, quickly getting out of the guilty feeling, "I would have allowed you to, even though there's not much space."

"I guess that makes us even, then." She said. "How about we go somewhere for breakfast?"

"I'd love to, but I have-" I started, then remembered something. "Don't worry; I don't have to go to medical school today, so I'll be delighted to."

She gracefully took one step away from me, and headed for the door. "Have your shower and get dressed, and I'll wait for you."

"Okay," I said, and finished getting undressed, before heading into the shower relieved.


"Just some eggs with a side of bacon for me, please." I said to the waiter.

"Me too," Sally said, "And an orange juice."

We were at a small cafe called 'Breakfast on Tiffany', quite a popular place on Tiffany St for breakfasts or morning teas. I usually didn't go there, but since it was a special occasion, I decided it was worth it.

The waiter walked away with our orders, leaving us alone to talk.

"So Sally," I asked, "How did you become a contortionist?"

"Well," She started, "It was when I was young – about ten or twelve. I was watching a talent show on TV, and it had this woman come on called Kristina Kireeva."

"You mean that European contortionist?" I asked. I had seen a video of a contortionist sometime in the past, doing quite flexible bends. I didn't remember her name, but I could recognise it.

"Yes, her." Sally replied. "I saw her as a special guest on a talent show, and she did such an amazing performance with a white ball that she just sparked a momentary interest in contortion. On the only raised platform I knew of – the kitchen table – I tried to do a backbend over the edge and sit on my own head. Of course, I wasn't trained, which meant that I overbalanced and landed front-first on the kitchen floor. I was alright from the landing, except for the fact that my feet were dangling above my head, so I lied down. Unfortunately, that fall caused two legs of the kitchen table to break, and once I was lying flat on the ground the table slammed into my middle back."

"Ouch, that must have hurt."

"Definitely; it was serious enough to make me go to the hospital for a near-fractured spine. After an X-ray it was found that I only had a couple of drops of internal bleeding near the spine, and other than that I was fine. I went home at the end of the day and rested, but the day after I tried it out again on my bed and I could not sit on my head, but I could get my bum in front of me. Since then I became increasingly flexible, even to the point where I could beat the world's best contortionists in flexibility, and also found out that I was slowly gaining the ability to compact myself into impossibly small places, such as with last night being in your old condom."

"So, what made you go into the circus?"

"Well, it was the compacting ability's fault. While experimenting with it one night, I managed to squeeze myself into my Dad's coffee cup. Of course, I was a lot less compactable then and I had to strip down to my underwear to do so. Unfortunately my Dad picked it up and poured some sugar and coffee onto me, before noticing that I was inside it. To save too many details, I'll just say that he freaked out and denounced be from the family, so I joined the circus to be the freak I 'was meant to be'."

"Oh, that's horrible. I feel compassionate for you."

At that moment the waiter returned, carrying two meals and a glass full of orange juice. He placed them down on the table, and I paid him, before he walked off to serve someone else.

"So how about you?" Sally asked while cutting into her egg, "What's your story?"

"Unlike you, I've lived a pretty normal life." I said, "Born in a family of four, I lived a pretty average life. I got some good grades and decided to become a doctor to help people. That's pretty much it."

"Oh, so why do you live in a small flat instead of a dorm?" She asked. "Wouldn't it have been easier to live on campus, not to mention cheaper?"

"Yeah, but living by myself means that I can be more independent and have more freedom, plus I don't have to hang a 'Do Not Disturb' tag on my door handle when I'm with someone."

"Oh, okay." She said, heavily into her meal. We didn't talk much for the rest of breakfast, but I was thinking about her and her inhuman flexibility. In fact, I even had an idea to find more about it.

It wasn't until we got back to my place, and rested on my bed watching some television on a small LCD TV, that I suggested my idea.

"Have you found out the limits of your flexibility?" I asked her.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"Have you tried to work out how much you can compress yourself, or how far your flexibility goes?" I expanded.

"Um, not since I joined the circus, no." She replied.

"Well would you like to find it out?" I suggested.

"Of course I would," She said, "It would be interesting to work out not only how far, but why I can do it." I was ready to jump out of bed and start trying things out. "But not right now, since I can't compress well while any food's in my system. Maybe we can work out how we'll go by it, and when I've expelled the waste we can start."

"Okay," I said excitedly, and reached over to grab some paper to write the plans on.


It was now about four in the afternoon, and we had finished making our plans. Sally was on the toilet, and expelling the waste of what she said was the only food she needed to eat for the whole day. Her severely lessened need of the most necessary resources was something that I felt I needed to examine, a thought that was in the back of my mind at the time.

While Sally was on the toilet, I was on the floor; not only clearing out some floor space for testing Sally's limits, but also setting up some apparatus for the tests. I won't go into detail about them here, but I will once we use them.

After hearing a flush from the bathroom, I saw Sally walk in. Like when she got in my condom, she was completely naked, but only because it was necessary for the compactions. I made a mental note to try and find an outfit that shrinks with her, for these occasions.

"I'm ready now," She said, rubbing her hands together in anticipation, "What's first?"

I held out a 1 litre clear plastic measuring jug and a circular block of wood. "How about the simple compression?"

Without saying a word, and just giving a smile of content, she calmly pushed herself into the jug. This was the first time I had actually seen her enter something exposed, and I must say that even though I knew she could compact herself it still felt extraordinarily uncomfortable to me.

For instance, while she was pushing herself into the measuring jug she was twisting her limbs and back, which made her look like a squid forcing itself through a small hole. Her arms held onto the sides of the jug, causing her arms to literally bend into a curve. Her back quickly and repeatedly switched between straight and severely bent, and even twisted a couple of times. Her legs, until they were inside the cup, flailed around like dying fish.

Within about a couple of seconds she was in the jug, and I began to feel more comfortable. Picking it up, I turned the jug over to see her face, smiling even though it was pressed flat against the bottom.

"Don't worry," She said in a quiet and muffled voice, "This was one of my more hasty times getting into something small. I didn't worry about looks, so it may have looked a bit disgusting to you."

"It did," I told her, "But I'm over it now. I guess it's time to press you smaller, then."

Without giving time for her to respond I put the jug down and pressed the block into it. The block was almost exactly the size of the mouth of the jug, meaning that it would not only press evenly against Sally, but also not allow room for a bit of her to slide out unwillingly.

It took little effort for me to compress her into half the jug's size, and it only took a bit of pushing to get it to the one-quarter mark. At the one-eighth mark I was feeling a bit of resistance, and she was at this point twice the size of what she was in the condom. I knew there was a fair bit to go until she couldn't compress any further, but I had to keep going until I found it.

After about a minute or two of careful pushing, I manage to squeeze her into one-thirtieth of the jug's size. It was quite a bit of work, and there was still some give, but not enough to allow me to press her further. Careful not to let the block slide out at all, I turned the jug over so I could see Sally's visibly-clenching but still smiling face.

"How are you doing in there?" I asked her.

"Nng," Sally strained, "I'm fine, but quite a bit uncomfortable. I think there's quite a bit more give in me yet, so keep trying."

"Okay then," I said as I grabbed a couple of jars. These jars I placed in the jug so that they stuck out at the end. I was going to push with all my might against the wall in order to compress Sally to her maximum.

"Ready?" I asked her, giving her a moment to prepare.

"Ready." She said while giving quite a serious face.

I pushed as hard as I could. The jars were doing the work, moving the block further into the jug millimetre by millimetre. The block was inching ever closer to the bottom of the jug, and there were no signs (other than the constant resistance of Sally's body) slowing it down.

In fact, I did manage to force the block to the bottom of the jug, making Sally have roughly zero volume in it. It was extremely unlikely, bordering on improbable and maybe even impossible, that she could manage to have zero body volume when completely compacted. There had to be something at work here to get her like this.

"So, is it done?" Sally asked, only slightly more strained than before.

"Not only is it done," You remark, "But your body has roughly zero volume in the jug."

"I think I can hold this," She said, "Take the block off me and get me out, so I can have a look at myself in the mirror."

I nodded and quickly took the jars and wood block out, allowing her to slide safely into my hand. I could now see that she was in fact a paper-thin miniature disked version of herself, and she was holding that on her own. Holding her up to just below my eye level, I walked into the bathroom and faced her towards the sink mirror.

In an instant, out of shock and surprise of how small and compressed she actually was, Sally literally jumped back into shape. Fortunately, unlike the previous times where she managed to fall on the floor, I managed to catch her in my arms. It looked like the traditional lover's carry: me, holding her in my arms while she wrapped hers around my shoulders. It was as if we were heading to bed together, but both of us knew we weren't.

We were actually going to perform the next experiment: partial compression. We had decided that it would be fun, and informative, to figure out if we could cause a partial compression with her body. For the subject of this we decided on her head, as the observations from the first person would be an excellent addition to our personal research.

Standing in the middle of the room with every part of her body – except her head – held tense, Sally waited to have a first-hand look inside her body. She had gotten dressed, as the only part of the tests which needed her naked was the compression, as she needed as little resistance as possible. I stood behind her with my hand flat on the top of her head.

"Ready?" I asked.

"Ready." She said, prepared.

I gave a sharp push on the top of her head, causing it to go down. Amazingly our thoughts of this were right, as her head plunged down into her chest like a turtle retracting its neck into its shell. With the pulling of the skin up and over her neck, the skin around her shoulders was pulling tight around my hand. With a quick pull, I yanked my hand out, and the skin closed to a tiny hole.

"It's dark in here," Sally said, her voice muffled by the skin around her mouth, "I mean really dark."

"What else does it feel like?" I asked, trying to get an idea of her experience.

"Well it's warm," She said, "And surprisingly comfortable. You know like how when you press your hands against your cheeks and it feels really soft and warm? It's like that but all over my face."

"Okay, I'm going to continue," I told her. We had only discussed about pressing her head into her chest, but nothing else. I did have plans that if it was successful that I would push her remaining limbs into her body as a test of her limits.

Working my hands down her body, which still had the same shape as before, I rested my hands on her hips. Her hands reached up behind her, one hand feeling her lack of head and the other rubbing my cheek. It was obvious that she was enjoying this, even though I was going ahead with something we hadn't agreed upon.

Quickly, before she could react, I pushed her hips down, causing her body to go straight to the ground. Strangely enough there was no change in her body shape from this, even though naturally a person's legs were slightly longer than the rest of their body. However weird this was it didn't stop me from being amused that her feet were still sticking out from underneath, but I quickly got over it and pushed them inside her body after carefully tipping her over. Like the head, the skin around her legs closed up to two small holes, leaving almost no sign of them even existing.

"It's getting cramped in here," Sally commented with an even more muffled voice, "I'm still pretty comfortable, but I don't think you can get any more of myself into me."

"Do you want to let yourself out?" I asked her.

"No, I'll stay like this for a second." She said, and raised her arms into the air, "Could you please carry me for a bit?"

Without saying a word I reached underneath her and picked her up, pressing her against my chest as if she were a small child. Once in my arms, she wrapped hers around mine, so that we were hugging each other in the middle of my room.

It was a bit weird like this, me hugging the chest and waist of a visually headless and legless body, while she hugged me back, but it was really comforting. I even lowered my head and gave her a small kiss on the hole which her head made, which made her giggle happily. When I raised my head, she squeezed hers back out and gave me a kiss on the lips, which lasted for a couple of seconds while her legs squeezed back out.

Although the kiss only lasted for a couple of seconds, our embrace held for a minute afterwards, just like at the end of those dramatic romances. We were not only becoming friends, but becoming lovers, as our like of each other turned into a love.

At the end of this embrace we slowly stepped away from each other, and returned to the more professional – yet fun at the same time – attitude of the tests. In fact it was one that I personally wanted to try out: negative compression, or technically elongation. I had the thought that if she could compact like rubber, she could also stretch like rubber, hence the idea of this test.

Sally took her hand out, which I took and pulled on in an attempt to stretch it. Unfortunately it didn't budge, but the rest of her body did. Another attempt saw the same result.

"Are you trying to let your body stretch or keeping it tense?" I asked her in an attempt to work why it wasn't working.

"Oh, I thought I had to be tense," She said, "Sorry about that." She immediately relaxed her arm, which I could feel from a slight amount of pressure towards the ground.

I gave another pull, and to my surprise her arm did stretch towards me. I did suspect it would happen, but I didn't expect it, and I let go. She didn't expect it either, and when I let go her arm just limply fell to the ground next to her.

Experimentally, she tapped her fingers against the ground, and gave a small "Eep" when she noticed that she could move her fingers like normal. When she gave her "Eep", she tensed up, and her arm quickly retracted to its normal length.

"Hey Sally," I called, getting her attention to me instead of her now-retracted arm, "I just want to check something. Could you force your arm outwards, like pushing it?"

"I'll try," Sally said, and squeezing her eyes closed as tight as she could, she held her arm out in front of her. Nothing happened at first, but after a second her arm slowly lengthened itself towards me, gradually picking up speed. Before she could touch me with this arm, I stepped to the side, and allowed it to travel on until it hit the wall. Stopping, the hand opened its originally closed grasp and felt the wall near it, and once she had confirmed that it was in fact the wall she opened her eyes and gasped at the length of her arm.

"Did I really just extend my arm that far?" She asked me, shocked at the sight she saw. Taking a step back so that her hand was away from the wall, she waved her arm around just to make sure it was hers. "Wow, this is disorienting."

I ducked to miss her arm as it swung around the room, "Yeah, but it's annoying for me." I said. "Could you please try controlling your stretching, and in particular, your movements?"

"Sorry," She apologised, giving a slight giggle as she retracted her arm, "But you know it's my first time. I'll be more careful next time."

"I think we've found out something here," I said with a slight laugh, "You're one amazingly flexible girl." Leaving her inside, I headed out the door. "I'm going to buy you some clothes so you can stay here longer."

As I headed to the street I heard her yell "But what am I supposed to do?" from behind me, but I ignored her and headed to the nearest clothes store.


Inside 'Best & Less', the only store I could really afford clothes at, I was searching through the woman's outfits trying to find a suitable set of clothing for Sally. I was growing confused at the sheer range of what was available, and was tending to picking some that I saw were her size at random.

Fortunately, in the greatest moment of confusion in my life, one of the workers at the store noticed me and decided to help.

"Excuse me sir," She said, interrupting my pick-and-grab, "Do you need some help with choosing something for your girlfriend?"

"Actually, yes I do." I told her, "I only just met her and she needs clothes, I know her size but I can't seem to find one that would suit her."

"Well let's see what I can do to help." She said, and took us and the pile of clothes I had gathered to the changing rooms at the back.

With a little reluctance on my part, we squeezed ourselves and a small mannequin into an unused disabled changing booth and set the clothes up into suitable outfits. For the next half hour we went through the outfits one by one, choosing which outfits suited and which didn't.

By the end we were down to one quarter of what I had originally chosen at random, and well within my budget. With a quick escape of the room and a fast purchase, I was out of the store and headed back home.


When I arrived back home Sally was in a pile on her bed, seemingly having created a nest out of her legs and waist which she had stretched out and was yet to restore. Looking like someone sitting in amongst a pile of skin-coloured sheets, and with her underwear-clad hips pointing directly at me, she gave a deep blush.

"I wanted to see my extents," She said, "My legs and waist I think are about ten times longer than what they originally were, and even more flexible than I thought."

"That's nice," I told her, holding up the bag of clothes I had just purchased, "I have some clothes for you." With a jump she quickly reeled in her legs and waist to their normal length, and then hopped off the bed to meet me at the door.

"Can I try them on?" She asked, "I mean, you spent quite a bit of money on these and I don't want to see them go to waste."

Snatching the bag from my hands, she practically skipped into the bathroom and closed the door, leaving me to have a little rest on the bed. Knowing she'd be at least a little while, I had a small nap.

When I woke up Sally was leaning against me, twirling a bit of my hair around her finger. She was in what she considered a comfortable outfit; a light blue shirt/shorts combination with her midriff bare.

"Hello there," She said in a calm and somewhat sexy voice. I looked up at her and noticed that she had worn her hair up so that it hung slightly to the sides of her head, keeping it from obscuring her face. Somehow she had made herself look a lot more attractive in this than in the dress she wore the night we met.

Looking over towards the closed door and obscured window, I noticed that it was just about sunset, meaning that I had spent quite a bit of time asleep. I was extremely energetic and had excited feelings for her, so there was only one thing for me to do.

I'm only going to say that it was a long night filled with its own ups and downs, and that she was literally all over me at one point. Then, in the darkness of the night, after we had calmed down, we had decided that I would give a proper examination at the medical school at which I studied at, even though I had no idea of how to get her in.


The following morning I woke up bright and early, but Sally was nowhere to be seen. She wasn't in the bed or in any of the furniture, but there were no signs of her leaving. Strangely I noticed that my bags were packed for the day – with everything properly inside – possibly a treat from Sally.

I got changed into my medical outfit, similar to what the Americans call "Scrubs", and covered it with a jacket. I picked up my bag, ready to leave, when I noticed a small rustle in within a small pocket. Edging it open I noticed a completely nude Sally hidden amongst my spare pens. Well, to be more accurate she was hidden inside one of the loose caps within these pens.

With a small wink to her, I closed the pocket and hefted the bag over my shoulder, ready to start the day.

Unlike what most people think, I do own a car; I just don't drive it on a regular basis. I usually caught the bus to medical school, but considering a change to add to all the change in my life, I drove my car there instead.

Whenever I took the bus it would normally be an hour long, followed by half an hour of study, but by car it was only fifteen minutes. This left me one and a quarter hours to give Sally an extensive check-up, which I could get from two people I knew. One of these people was the operator of a scanning machine, and I knew he had a soft spot for small women; the other one was a general practitioner that owed me after something.

After the short drive to the university where the medical school was located, I picked up my bag and locked the car. This was in fact going to be one of my final days at the medical school, as I had my final exams in a week, so not only would this be a chance to find out what made Sally so unique but it would also add a recommendation to my name if what Sally had was a unique discovery.

I walked into the medical building and headed to my first room. The room I was headed to contained an MRI machine, allowing me to get nice clean scans for when I took Sally to the general practitioner. There was just one small problem about it, which I could work around, and that was the fact that Sally did not have any clothes on while she was compressed inside the pen lid.

Outside the room I made sure no-one was around, and opened the zip. Sally immediately hopped out in her original size, nude but otherwise fine. I quickly discussed with her the situation, and she agreed that she would do the best she could in order for us to have things the way I wanted.

When we were ready, we entered the room to notice that John, the person who I mentioned before, was wiping the MRI machine clean. It seemed that he had a connection to it, a lot like lovers would. In fact, he even kissed it once, which Sally giggled at.

"What are you two doing here?" John questioned, noticing us, "Don't you know that-" He stopped as he noticed that Sally was naked.

"I'm sorry to bother you," I told him, "But my new girlfriend surprised me in the car with no clothes on. I didn't want to be surprised by her, but when I saw her I noticed she was acting a lot stranger than normal with her back. I just need a quick check of her in the MRI to find out what the problem is; could you let me?"

"Of course," He said, sounding compassionate, "But at a price." He gave a wink, which Sally didn't notice but made me gulp. "Ten minutes with her afterwards."

I swallowed my pride and agreed, Sally unaware of the terms of the deal. I got her onto the MRI and John turned it on, and while she was being scanned we had a little talk.

"So how long have you two been together?" He asked.

"A couple of days, but we seem to be really into each other," I told him, "Why exactly do you want to have – you know – with her?"

"Two reasons," He replied, "The first is that I'm jealous of you. The second, as you know, is that I have a thing for small women."

"I thought it was just friendly," I told him, "Oh well, we made a deal and I'm going to stick by it."

By this time the MRI was done and Sally was climbing out. The scans were printing out on some paper, giving results that John was shocked to see. Holding them up, I was surprised.

The results showed that Sally was barely visible on the MRI. All of her body parts were a lot dimmer, except for a small ball in her back. This was the reason for her unique lightness and ability to compress so small, the source of which was in that ball.

"I think there's an error with the density," John said, "We should take her through again."

"No, I've got what I need." I said, "Thanks for that; she's yours now."

Sally looked shocked, not expecting these events to occur. John slowly walked up to her, making her cower while giving a grieving face to me. She was under the impression that either he was going to take her away or just get into her.

What neither of them noticed was my hand, as I raised it open-palmed behind John and slammed it down on the bottom of his skull. With a bit of a swagger, John collapsed, leaving Sally and I free to leave.

"Why did you do that?" She asked, shaking.

"I had to do something to stop him," I told her, guiding her out of the room with the scans in my hand, "Anyway, he's going to forget about the last half an hour because of that."

We didn't say another word until we reached another room, a nearby room occupied by the general practitioner. We quickly entered and sat on some chairs by the GP's desk.

The room was quiet for a couple of seconds until someone entered. It was Jennifer, the GP of the university and medical school. She failed to notice us until she sat down and started doing some paperwork, and we stood up in front of her.

"Oh, hello there," She said to us, "Why'd you come so early in the morning with this naked girl?"

"This is Sally," I told her, "Someone who I've noticed can do some pretty inhuman things. I need you to do a full check-up on her, just to work out her health and any medical complications."

"And what is it that makes Sally so inhuman?" She asked in a professional manner.

"Well," Sally said, saying something just before I could open my mouth, "I'm extraordinarily flexible. Not like a contortionist; even more than that."

"Could you please demonstrate?" She asked, getting Sally to stand up.

Without a word, Sally laid herself down on Jennifer's desk, then bent her legs over until her feet were sitting on either side of her head. This was strangely the first time I had seen this, but it didn't surprise me. I was eagerly waiting for the moment that Jennifer would almost definitely faint.

Almost seamlessly, Sally continued making the bend tighter, getting into what I would later be told as the triplefold.  This was pretty much like kneeling, but bending backwards so that her head was between her knees.

Jennifer gave a loud gulp. I knew why she did, and I was the only one that did. The thing is that she was a homosexual, and she didn't want anybody to know so that she'd be considered as more professional. One day I figured it out, but she begged me to keep it a secret. This was my way of making ourselves even.

Even though it was at the point where Jennifer was getting nervous, Sally kept going. Having tucked her head between her knees, she pushed on them so that she started shrinking. This was the moment where Jennifer was no longer nervous, as she was now confused at how it was possible. She was like this, even after Sally stopped at the size of a tennis ball.

"How does she do this?" Jennifer asked when she noticed that Sally had stopped shrinking. In her confusion and curiosity she picked Sally up and rolled her around to look at her details, like I did the first time I saw her shrink.

"I don't know," I said, "That's why I'm here: to find out."

"I guess you'll want me to give her a full check-up, while you have your classes?" She asked, and I nodded.

"I'll see you later," I farewelled both of them as I exited the room and headed to my only class for the day.

When class finished I headed back to Jennifer and found Sally in a patient's gown sitting on a chair by the door. In her hands were the results for me to read, and a note from Jennifer saying that she was too busy to see me. I picked up the results and left with Sally to go home.


For the next week nothing much really happened; it was just what happened the first two days but on a smaller and less impressive scale. We also found out that the cause of Sally's flexibility and compression is an increased amount of elastin in her blood. This elastin was in a more concentrated form and replaced the contents of her cells with either elastin or air. Fortunately this was not deadly, but would leave Sarah's body contents as a combination of elastin and air, which would meant that Sarah could eventually stretch and contract over time.

We did manage to see someone about Sarah's unique ability and its cause, and he actually gave me a job. In fact, once graduation is over I'm moving over to Los Angeles to begin it. In the meantime Sally's searching for a job there so she too can get a work visa, while being with me.

With the university I was studying at, and the company of which I now worked, I was now well-known for my discovery of an elastin gland. With the company, I actually helped to develop a new minor operation to create an extraordinarily faster method of learning contortion and gaining elasticity. With this discovery, I was given a free house in Los Angeles for me to reside in and a $10,000 award.

I was also able to get the operation soon after it was refined, and now not only am I becoming able to compact my body but I am doing so at a higher rate than Sally.

You know what the best thing is about this? It's not the job, the money, the location in Los Angeles or the elasticity; it's the simple comfort of being able to sleep with my girlfriend inside a tied-up condom.
It's finally here!

The long awaited, long in progress and generally long short story is now complete and uploaded onto DeviantArt.

I must say that this took me a while. A total of seventeen pages in length, and 8639 words long, this story describes the journey of a man finding a woman who's a little more (or a little less, depending on your way of thinking) than he expects. There are some references to nudity, mainly as there is no fabric in existence that can stretch and compress to the extremes that the character does, but it's not made to be a focus.

I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did writing it.
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testiclecius Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013
The detail to Sally's ability was incredible. Great story. :D
TheEvilAvator Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013
Great story!  But wait, can she suck herself into a Pepsi bottle?  You gotta do a sequel where she has super breath control!
LeikM Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2011  Student Writer
t's been long, but worth it to read it over.

I love your story, especially the part of the condom. And now both have the same capacity with its discovery.
Caller-of-Storms Featured By Owner May 7, 2011
I really enjoyed this, thank you! I don't think I've ever read anything that gets into compression quite like you did here! I loved the idea of hide & seek, her slow compression under the covers, the tests they did together, and best of all, compressing herself into herself like that wow!! Please either write a little more with Sally or point me in the direction of compression stories. Again, thatnks for the stellar piece of fiction!
WanderTones Featured By Owner May 7, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I was only planning on that being a one-time story, with the character ending up well-off at the end. I feel that I've already explored all I can with the two, and any more would just ruin that.

One thing I've noticed around DeviantArt (and the internet) is the lack of compression stories, seeing as it is more of a visual artform than a written one. I can't really help you with any other stories, as I haven't found any that I remember.

And, before I forget, thanks for liking my story and giving such great and supportive feedback. I really appreciate it.
indy7738 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
This Cool its almost Believeable
WanderTones Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist

False science does give an impression of realism, but it's only really meant to be used sparingly.
indy7738 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I agree but i love it !
spicedemon Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2010
$10,000 is nothing! A really good grant will not only defray cost of education but also give 20-30K stipend per year!
WanderTones Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, but instant recognition within one of the most popular research and development companies is enough, plus it certifies his success in the future.
spicedemon Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2011
So... promise of a generous fellowship. ;)
renoxous Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2010
Great story! I, unlike the previous comment, really liked the detailed shrinking. I just wished you could have gone into a little more detail about the elasticity. Also, a little more details about when he starts stretching after the "procedure" would have been nice. Perhaps a follow up story where she's showing him how to be elastic and then they stretch together. Just a thought. Thanks and Fave!
WanderTones Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, I understand that, but the compression part of it was what made them love each other. The elastic bit shows that she can do more than just bend and compress, and creates a progression of her skills.

If I did a second part to this story I would have to put it under the section "MagiCont", because even though it wasn't directly referred to in the story he did join it. This was also one of the reasons why I didn't go on about the effects of his procedure (the other was because I was quickly reaching the character limit, and I didn't want to create another part of just 100 words or so.
metziko Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2010
A very nice story, for my taste a little overdone with this shrinking, but is yours.
The begin reminds me to an other story i had read on called FANTASY FOLDER it appeared by a contest, but your new ideas are making a new story. Keep on.
WanderTones Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The reason why it had "Contortion" in the title was that Sally originally thought she only did contortion, plus a little bit more. The compression was the major part of it, as it not only linked contortion and elasticity, but it was what caused the two to become interested in each other.

I think I have read that story once or twice in the past, and I may have gotten the spark for the idea of this one, but that one was primarily about contortion rather than linking contortion to elasticity.
metziko Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2010
As i had say, you had made a new story only the beginning reminds me to this other story, maybe you should do more changes and nobody can see where your idea is from. Good luck for the future.
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